In this world of dog buckle manufacturing processes, every step is precise and critical. From the initial selection of materials to the final assembly, each step is designed to ensure the quality and utility of the final product.
    Our products are mainly made of zinc alloy. The hooks, the lower parts, the presses, they are all built from strong and durable zinc alloy. The springs, on the other hand, are made of 90% iron and plated, which is designed to take into account the need for elasticity and stiffness. Such iron material can provide enough elasticity and hardness, while the other 10% stainless steel spring is specially designed for special dog buckles to ensure its stability and corrosion resistance for long time use. The pins and covers are made of iron and sheet iron respectively, ensuring a strong and stable overall structure.
    The manufacturing process is divided into three main steps: die-casting, polishing and assembling. First comes the die-casting stage, which involves melting and injecting the zinc alloy into the mould through a mould and die-casting process to obtain the desired shape and structure. This is followed by the polishing stage, which is crucial and is done by hand using motorised spindles, polishing wheels, yellow wax and jigs to ensure that each dog buckle has a silky smooth surface and a refined look. The jigs for this are designed to be simple and practical, based on the size of the dog’s buckle, and can also be purchased locally or made by the customer themselves, using just a wooden board.

    Finally, the assembly stage, different styles of dog buckle have different assembly process.
    For model 1, first of all, you need to manually assemble the loose parts, and then use the semi-automatic punching machine to punch the cover into the inner rolled edge, so that the assembly of the dog buckle will be completed.

dog buckle model 1
dog buckle model 1 assembly
dog buckle model 2 assembly
dog buckle model 2

    As for model 2, the assembly process needs to install the last step of snap ring after assembling the loose parts manually, and flatten the snap ring by semi-automatic press machine, in this way, the dog buckle can be assembled smoothly.

    Finally, the assembly process of model 3 requires manual assembly of hooks, springs, presses and pins, followed by the use of a semi-automatic press to tighten the pins, then assembling the lower part, and finally using another semi-automatic press to flatten the circle of the lower part to complete the assembly of the dog buckle.

dog buckle model 3
dog buckle model 3 assembly

    Not only that, we also provide personalised service, we can customise different styles and materials of dog buckle according to customers’ requirements. We have our own factory, you are welcome to visit us and witness the production process of each buckle. Whether it is the pursuit of product quality or the demand for personalisation, we are always committed to providing customers with the best products and services.