Material Preparation: The main materials for metal zippers include zipper teeth and zipper tape. Stainless steel or copper alloy is usually used to manufacture zipper teeth, while zipper tape is made of polyester fiber.

closed-end metal zipper

Manufacturing of teeth: Firstly, metal wires are processed into the shape of teeth through a series of processes, such as drawing, shearing and stamping, and the zipper teeth made by Y-tooth machine are not only beautiful but also easy to manufacture. Then, the teeth pieces are given a surface treatment, such as nickel or zinc plating, to increase their corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

Zipper Tape Manufacturing: The process of manufacturing zipper tape typically involves steps such as weaving, dyeing and coating. First, polyester fibers are woven using a braiding machine into a cloth tape with a specific structure. The fabric tape is then dyed and coated to enhance its appearance and functionality.

Assembly and Installation: The teeth and metal zipper tape are assembled together at certain intervals and in a certain order. Assembly is usually accomplished by using mechanical equipment to insert the zipper teeth pieces into the holes of the zipper tape. Then, the connection between the teeth and the zipper tape is fixed by pressing or welding.

Commissioning and testing: After assembly, the metal zipper needs to be commissioned and tested to ensure proper functioning and quality. These steps may include tensile strength test, corrosion resistance test and appearance inspection.

In a word, the manufacturing process of metal zipper involves several processes and steps, from material preparation to the production of the final product. Each step requires specialized equipment and technology to complete to ensure the quality and performance of metal zippers.