Automatic Metal Zipper Y Teeth Stamping Machine

In modern manufacturing, efficiency and space saving are crucial goals. To meet these needs, we are proud to introduce a brand new zipper production machine that will revolutionize your production process and will help you achieve higher productivity, more space-saving utilization and better manufacturing quality.

1. Space saving

Firstly, the new Y-Threading machine has improved the old model’s chain tooth function to the machine body, secondly, the raw material has been placed under the machine body, and thirdly, the diaphragm has been added; the above changes have reduced the original space required by nearly 3 square meters. This saves a lot of space for our factory space utilization.

2. Copper, Aluminum and Stainless Steel can be produced on the same machine

The new zipper production machine can not only produce regular copper Y-tooth metal zippers, but also can directly switch to aluminum Y-tooth zippers without replacing the parts; while only 3 parts need to be replaced to produce stainless steel Y-tooth zippers.

3. Improved manufacturing quality

Finally, our new machine focuses on build quality. It utilizes a precise production process to ensure that each zipper has a consistent high quality standard. This superb manufacturing quality not only improves the durability of the product, but also enhances the brand reputation and provides customers with a reliable product. Whether you manufacture zippers for bags, garments or other applications, this machine will meet your need for superior quality.