We are proud to present our latest innovation, the Automatic Metal Zipper Y Teeth Stamping Machine with Double Heads and a 3 in 1 operating mode. This cutting-edge machine is designed to efficiently stamp Y teeth from various metal strips and seamlessly combine zippers.

Automatic Metal Zipper Y Teeth Stamping Machine (Double Heads,3 in 1 Mode)


  • Versatile Stamping: This machine is capable of stamping Y teeth from a range of metal strips, delivering exceptional precision in zipper assembly.
  • Innovative Design: Developed independently, our Automatic Metal Zipper Y Teeth Stamping Machine boasts a new and advanced design to meet the evolving needs of the industry.
  • Quality Components: The main electrical components and bearings of the machine are imported, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability. The molds, crafted from advanced hard metal materials, undergo precision machining for durability.
  • Stamped Teeth Quality: The machine produces stamped teeth that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and stable, meeting the highest standards in the industry.
  • Material Compatibility: It is capable of producing both stainless steel and copper teeth, achieving an impressive average output of 250-260 Y teeth per hour.
  • Space-Efficient: With a footprint 1 square meter smaller than comparable machines, it optimizes space utilization in your production facility

  • Convenient Chain Mounting: The machine allows for the mounting of the chain on the side, eliminating the need for an additional chain closing machine. Raw materials can be conveniently placed in the lower section of the machine.

  • Noise Reduction: Equipped with acoustic enclosures, our machine ensures a quieter working environment by effectively reducing noise levels during operation.

  • User-Friendly Operation: The machine is designed for ease of use. Changing production from stainless steel to copper is a breeze, requiring the simple replacement of four accessories.

  • Advanced Control Panel: The control panel features error message prompts, production information, language selection, and other controls, providing operators with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface.

  In conclusion, our Automatic Metal Zipper Y Teeth Stamping Machine represents a leap forward in zipper manufacturing technology, combining efficiency, precision, and user-friendly features to meet the demands of the modern industry.