The production process of bag chain is a complex and delicate one that involves the application of a wide range of materials and machines. The successful execution of this process is directly related to the quality and appearance of the final product.
    Firstly, we need to consider the main raw materials for the product. Bag chains are made from iron, aluminium, copper and zinc alloys, with iron being the predominant material. This diversity of raw materials provides a wide range of choices for the design and texture of the product.
  In the forming stage of the chain, the basic forming process is first carried out using a chain beater. For those flattened chains, we need to use a press machine to complete the process, as the initial shape of the iron wire is a round wire, which needs to be processed by the press machine to flatten it before the chain is spliced. This step ensures that the overall shape and size of the chain meets the design requirements and lays the foundation for subsequent processing.
    Certain chains need to be sharpened, which is done with a yarn grinding machine. In this step, the angles on the surface of the chain are smoothed out, improving the overall appearance of the chain. This meticulous treatment makes the chain more fashionable and creates better conditions for the subsequent process steps.
    Afterwards, the chain enters the polishing and plating stage. In this step, the chain will be packed and sent out to a professional processing plant for polishing and plating coating. This process not only enhances the lustre and texture of the chain, but also plays a protective role, making the chain more durable and with anti-oxidation properties. Polishing and plating is an important part of the whole production process, which is directly related to the appearance quality and durability of the final product.

bag chain
bag chain application

   During the production process, special attention needs to be paid to the machines and process steps required for different styles of chains. Different styles may require different machines, including punching and chain beating machines. Machine sharing inevitably becomes a challenge due to the wide range of sizes, so precise scheduling is required in the production plan to ensure that each step is seamlessly integrated.
   Overall, the bag chain production process is a complex system that takes into account a number of aspects, including raw materials, moulding, grinding, polishing and plating. Through precise operations and exquisite craftsmanship, we are able to produce bag chain products with exquisite appearance and high quality to meet market and consumer demands. The continuous optimisation and innovation of this process will help enhance the competitiveness of our products and make them stand out in the fierce market competition.

    We not only focus on the standardised production of our products, but also provide customised products and services to meet the individual needs of our customers. This is a reflection of the uniqueness of our factory. For those customers who are looking for a unique style, we offer customised design solutions. Whether it is the shape, material or surface treatment of the chain, it can be adjusted and customised according to customers’ requirements. Our professional design team will fully communicate with you to understand your needs and preferences to ensure that the final product is perfectly suited to your expectations.
    In addition to product customisation, we also focus on providing a full range of customisation services. From the initial communication of the order to the delivery of the final product, we will follow up the entire process to ensure that the customer’s needs are met in a timely manner. Whether it is mass production or small batch production, we are committed to providing customers with an efficient and personalised service experience.

    We pride ourselves on having our own factory. This means that we are able to better control the production process to ensure the quality and delivery time of our products. Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment and a skilled team to cope with a wide range of complex production requirements. Meanwhile, we welcome customers to visit our factory and see the bag chain production process for themselves.
    You”re welcome to visit our factory to gain a deeper understanding of our production process and quality management system. Through the visit, you can have a more comprehensive understanding of our professional strength and persistent pursuit of quality. We are looking forward to establishing a long term relationship with you and creating unique and high quality bag chain products together. Thank you for your interest in our factory and we look forward to working with you!